Thursday, August 6, 2009

Approve Myspace Friend

Well all most everday i online myspace &
also friend request increasing
so then i approve...
you know what..
after approve they all do me noting..
just make friend keep more & more..
NO message,comment,or just say "HI" to me..
what do you want from me..??
you think IF i FAMOUS i have many friend..??
you wrong coz i only have some friend only..
so of them i know after approve the 1st comment he/she will say this..
"hey thanx coz approve me, COMMENT MY PIC OKAY.."
comment your pix..??
so mypicture Who want comment..??
so,i guest i dont have choise just Delete you for my friend list..
"go to Hell..!!"
if you shifted, so then you are the next will be delete..

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