Monday, June 15, 2009

Save Bajet Duit sekolah

okay skrg ni aku tengah sengkik so aku nak save duit dengan duit sekolah yg berbekalkan RM4.00 - 3.00 untuk 1 hari..mcm ni..:

1 hari = RM 4.00 - 3.00 (aku + lagi 20sen)
belanja duit = RM2.00 (beli karipap x3/4 + air chawanx1)
karipap x1 = 30sen (30sen x 4 = 1.20 / 30sen x 3 = 90sen)
air cahwan x 1 = 50sen
save duit = RM2.00

modal balik = RM1.00 - RM2.00

RM2.00 x 1 hari..
5 hari = RM10.00
huhuhu masok wok..

bab kata orang jimat cermat amalan mulia..

Y S H R Hoodies

Asome Hoodies, Like digital Wolrd plus with robotic...

Dispatchwork in Berlin

Merging Street and Public art, Jan Vormann recently took his love of plastic to Berlin. There he “dispatched” holes remaining from WWII. walk this place just bring your some lego...
look asome...


well around 1 or 2 week's ago i saw my father got nikon camera for photography (Nikon F56), its old...But what was i thinking is....i want to be photography, so then should i use old camera..?? hmmm..........
Old is not important..
nevermine everbody learn to. So i decided to use then,after couple of day i take picture not so good but when i look back hahaha..

fell want take picture more...

so maybe i should "Stop Shuffling" be a photography much batter...

learn for the beginning then you see the father..