Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Throw fone In front Disciplined Teacher ?

last week before teacher Mathematic (not sure) come to my room class, some of student study,play,chat with friend & clean The room you know ppl always get bored in school..
then teacher coming teach in my class...
after that..(huhuhuhuhuh)
Disciplined Teacher (Cikgu ZUL & ARHAM L.O.L) come & say "ok kelas spotcheck"....everbody wow..!! turn eyes into Big (hahah joke), then separate Sex male and female....
boy go out (cikgu zul) & gurl inside room class (arham) boy got sport check on nail,hair,& bla bla bla....and gurl also same as boy..
after that my friend name amira (not real name) always got Aim by this both Disciplined Teacher, amira has be sport check all..then i did relize she bring he cell phone in school & put at drink bottle (?????) then zul try to open the bottle she take bottle run away faster...with out reason (maybe scare).....
after 5-8 minute he come back..then THROW HER CELL PHONE IN FRONT Disciplined Teacher...how brave this gurl is it...?? then amira enter the calss room back with unknow face about he fone that he throw....
so maybe she rich can buy other cell phone..

Thursday, April 2, 2009

HR T-shirt Design 9th Limited Edtion All Colour


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Shuffle Competition May 2009

Shuffle Competition
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